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Reflective Essay Writing Prompts 1. Describe the process you went through to determine your research topic. 2. How have you taken responsibility for your own learning about research in this unit? 3. Did you do the reading assignments, and if so, what have you learned from the class readings? a. Acquiring the Inquiry Habit b. Ways of Reading c. Reading other student research essays (Aftermath and Getting Squirrely) d. They Say e. Forwarding 4. Did you complete the PoWeR assignments? If so, what have you learned from the PoWeR assignments? 5. What parts of the Unit assignments have been most helpful? Least helpful? 6. What might I do next semester to improve my teaching of “They Say?” and help my students understand how to research their topic? 7. Describe your in class participation; did you do the assignments? Were you prepared to discuss the readings? How did you contribute to your classmate’s understanding of the
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Unformatted text preview: readings? 8. How have you taken responsibility for your ability to complete the Unit assignments; for fully understanding assignments; for clarifying any confusion you have had? 9. If we were to start the Unit over tomorrow, what might you do different to help yourself achieve the results you want to get? 10. Overall, how would you grade your performance in Unit 1, and why? 11. Is there anything you think I should know about your classroom participation, or out of class work, that will help me evaluate your work and your class participation? 12. Before you turn in your Unit One assignments, briefly tell me what grade you expect to recieve, and why you think you should receive that grade for each of the four writing assignments, and for your research journal....
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