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Inquiry Proposal - research and writing homework in Unit...

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The Inquiry Proposal: English 102 is designed to help you understand the research process as you explore questions and utilize a variety of reading sources (from multiple genres: books, journals, web sites, newspapers, interviews and surveys). In the Inquiry Proposal, you will be exploring the research process, attempting to answer questions you feel strongly about, while keeping an open mind (suspending judgment). Your Inquiry Proposal will be 3-4 pages long, built around your overarching and secondary research questions, interests, the research process, and interaction with your sources in an exploratory fashion. Thus, the final essay will be a true exploration of the research paper you intend to write for your major project for Unit 2. To help you understand and develop a strategy for the research process, I’ve designed our
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Unformatted text preview: research and writing homework in Unit One to build toward your research essay in Unit Two. In your Inquiry Proposal, you will be telling me your overarching and sub-questions and explaining why you chose your topic. You will need to tell me what you knew about your topic before you started researching, what you found out during your research, and how your research has influenced you, expanded and challenged your thinking about the topic. If your topic has changed, you should tell me why and what brought you to the decision to change. Tell me what research you have done, what research you think you need to do in Unit 2, and how you are going to complete that research. This assignment is to be typed, double spaced, in MLA format, at least three full pages in length. The assignment is worth 50 points....
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