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LIBRARY DAY ONE 1. Open up a google document from your bronco mail, enter your name, my name, class and date in MLA format. 2. Write down your chosen topic, and your overarching question on your google doc. 3. Enter your topic into a google search and find a website that deals with your overarching question or one of your sub-questions. Enter the URL for the website, and something you learned about your topic from the website on your google doc. 4. Search Wikipedia for information on your topic – copy the URL from the wiki page onto your google doc and add a comment about something you learned about your topic from the wiki page. 5. Look at the bibliography for the wiki page you chose – and find one of the articles referenced on the bibliography by searching on line or on the BSU Library website. Enter the bibliographic information onto your google doc, along with a sentence or two about the article referenced. 6.
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