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Hing Potter Damoni Wright Leadership 101 Leadership Autobiography In my years of leadership experience, I have been fortunate enough to be in various positions that have allowed me to explore and influence others in ways I never thought. In each experience, I always found myself discovering more and more of whom I am as a potential leader and who I am as an individual. Throughout the past years, I have also been able to step up to the next level and continue to progress my abilities in a leadership capacity. As a child in grade school, I can remember being elected class representative to the student government body during my 3 rd , 4 th and 5 th grade years. Each time elected was an exciting experience, as I took my first steps into public policy, even if I didn’t know it. I can call it public policy, even though we made minor decisions; working with vending machine producer to supply our school with several beverage and snack machines. I can also remember working with the student body to program our first “Ride the Wave” reading program for the entire school. In junior high, I was fortunate enough to continue being home class representative as well as venture out into other leadership opportunities. I was fortunate enough to volunteer every year at the Compass Homeless Shelter in downtown Seattle, when our school took students every winter for a day helping to mingle and serve lunch. In 8 th grade, I was able to do an off campus internship at a local pharmacy and gift shop. This allowed me to gain business experience, while
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This note was uploaded on 10/16/2011 for the course LEADERSHIP 101 taught by Professor Damoniwright during the Fall '11 term at Boise State.

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Leadership Autobio - Hing Potter Damoni Wright Leadership...

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