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Reflection 1 - Hing Potter Leadership 101 Facilitator...

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Hing Potter Leadership 101 Facilitator: Damoni Wright 8/31/2011 First Reflection Reflections #1 When I think of critical thinking, my first thought is of someone sitting down, elbow on leg with their hand situated upright supporting their chin, deep in thought. Critical thinking to me is something that takes deep concentration with the mind focused solely on that thought. You could be in a group or isolated, either way, you are focused or zoned out on what is in your mind. Critical thinking even can go beyond the basic deep thought. While you ponder, you could be continuously be gathering for data in your brain and adding it to what you already have obtained. Critical thinking could be thinking about the thinking you are doing while thinking about additional thoughts. It could be basic, or critical thinking can be as complex as you need it to be. Socrates said, “Know thyself.” I’m not sure that one can absolutely know themselves 100%. I’ve met many people who are continuously discovering something new about
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