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COMM 278 Syllabus F11 combined w daily schedule

COMM 278 Syllabus F11 combined w daily schedule - COMM 278...

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COMM 278 – Public Relations – Fall 2010 TuTh 9:15-10:30 - BUS101 Instructor: Dr. MaryFrances Casper Office: COMM 126, 426-2956 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: M 10:30 – 2:30 Course Overview Course Description: COMM 278 Public Relations (3-0-3) (F). Public relations as a professional field: history, theory, principles, and practices. Texts: Lattimore, D., Baskin, O, Heiman, S.T., and Toth, E.L. (2012). Public relations: The profession and the practice (3 ed.). Boston: McGraw Hill. Marsh, C., Guth, D.W., and Poovey-Short, B. (2012). Strategic writing: Multimedia writing for public relations, advertising, and more. (3 ed.) Course Goals: To introduce students to issues, concepts, and methods related to the practice of public relations. Objectives: To study the history and evolution of public relations as a profession To enhance students’ abilities to analyze and determine the effectiveness and ethical implications of public relations strategies and tactics To introduce key theories that influence and shape the practice of public relations To perform fundamental tasks of entry-level public relations practitioners Methods of Instruction: This course combines face-to-face class sessions with online activities. Online class content is available on BlackBoard. If you are unfamiliar with BlackBoard please take some time to review the BlackBoard site and instructions at https://blackboard.boisestate.edu// . Students will work closely with their TA, who will act as an advisor and project supervisor for each assignment. NO CITRUS OF ANY KIND IN THE CLASSROOM. THIS INCLUDES CITRUS SCENTED ITEMS SUCH AS LOTIONS AND PERFUMES, AS WELL AS FRUIT and CITRUS FLAVORED BEVERAGES. Special Needs:
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2 Students with special needs are invited to share them with the instructor at their earliest convenience. If you have special needs you are encouraged to contact the Boise State University Office of Disability Services at http://www2.boisestate.edu/disabilityservices . Student Expectations No cell phones left on during class , if it rings –I might answer it. No electronic interference, please. Be courteous and reserve quality time with your i-pod, cell phone and IM conversations with your friends for outside the classroom. Your classmates and I appreciate your attention remaining focused on what we are doing in class. Laptops should be used for taking notes and working on projects – save Facebook for later. Students found using laptops or cellphones for non-class related activity will be asked to leave. Repeated infractions will lead to dismissal from the course. No late assignments will be accepted – all assignments are to be completed and turned in at the beginning of class on the day they are due . Not having assignments completed at the beginning of class will result in a zero for the assignment/exam.
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COMM 278 Syllabus F11 combined w daily schedule - COMM 278...

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