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Principles of PR - Assignment 1 Shadow paper (20 pts.) Due Tuesday September 13, 2011 Requirements: Students will interview a public relations professional in an industry that the student is interested in. Students are responsible for locating and making arrangements to meet with a PR practitioner. Students should conduct the interview face-to-face with the practitioner and to observe the environment and activities taking place. If multiple students are planning to interview the same practitioner, please conduct the interview as a team – do not expect the person you are interviewing to set up multiple interviews. Once they have completed the interview, each student will write a 1-2 page paper that includes the following: 1. Practitioner’s name, job title, place of employment, education, and previous experience 2. Interview questions must include: a. Job duties, typical day b. Major events or activities that take place over the course of a year c. Favorite tasks/projects d. Professional’s perception of the value of PR in their organization
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