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Communications 278 - Communications 278 Public Relations...

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Communications 278 – Public Relations 8/25/2011 Shadow Papers – Interview a public relations person in a field that you are interested in. - Name, job title, job place, education and previous experience. - Interview Questions: o Job duties, typical day o Major events or activities that take over the course of a year o Favorite tasks and projects - Executive Summary o Due on BB for classmates to see Leadership 101 8/25/2011 What do these quotes mean to you? - “The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates - “Know thyself.” – Socrates - “It is not enough to have a good mind, the main thing is to use it well.” – Descartes What is more important than thinking? - Doing, action, participating… What is critical thinking? - It is thinking about your thinking while you are thinking. o It is self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored. - If we cannot talk about our thoughts, than we cannot envision them and communicate them. o Through language, images, arts, scientific formulas and mathematics. o Overcome barriers; Assumptions, language, emotions, body language. 8/22/2011 What do state and local governments do? - Regulate behavior - Provide services - Generate revenue Themes (From the Text Book) - A Comparative Approach – keeping an objective perspective - State & Local Gov’t matters - Change is Constant - Federalism – state perspective - Local Fragmentation - Conflicts - Constraints – constitutional, fiscal, etc….
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8/24/2011 Input & Output Conversion - Input -> Conversion Process -> Output -> Feedback o Automobile: Gas -> Combustion -> Thrust -> Gas Gauge
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Communications 278 - Communications 278 Public Relations...

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