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1. Antigone v Socrates Assignment

1. Antigone v Socrates Assignment - What challenges do...

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The Human Situation First Paper Assignment Use the following question as the basis for a short essay. Your essay should be lucid and concise, and your argument should be thoroughly supported by means of relevant citations from the text at hand. Papers are due at the beginning of class on Monday, February 14 . Your paper is to be 4-6 pages in length, typed, and stapled in the upper left-hand corner. Please make sure that your pages are numbered. A title page with an appropriate title should also be included. Please use MLA style, for which you will find resources on a tab on our Blackboard page. Antigone and Socrates are often considered to be two of Western history’s great martyrs. Both Antigone and Socrates kill themselves after being sentenced to death by their communities.
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Unformatted text preview: What challenges do Antigone and Socrates pose to the political community and its order? What do their respective challenges illustrate about the basis of political community or the nature of the city? Which individual signified the greatest danger to the city? Why? What does your answer reveal about the nature of the political community? Grading Guidance Description (80 points) – Introduction, including thesis, description and arguments comparing Antigone and Socrates with regard to the relevant sub-questions. Analysis (40 points) - Analytic thesis statement and supporting premises and evidence. Grammar and Style (30 points) 30 Organization 5 Verb Errors 3 Pronoun Errors 3 Punct. errors 3 Frag Sentences 2 Use Errors 3 CS and Run Ons 3 Other Errors 3 Style 5...
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