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Final Exam Study Questions final 2011

Final Exam Study Questions final 2011 - The Human Situation...

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The Human Situation Final Exam Review The final exam will conducted in lecture hall Monday, May 9, 1:00-3:00 p.m.. It is worth 150 points. The format will be 15 multiple choice questions (30 pts.); 6 short answer questions (60 pts.); and one essay (60 pts.). A portion of the exam will concern information from the first two exam review sheets. As with earlier exams, writing out detailed answers to the following study questions will be the best preparation. 1) What are the principles of liberalism according to Rawls? How does he arrive at them and defend them? a. 2 Principles: i. Equality of Basic Duties & Rights – Through the veil of ignorance. 1. Behind the veil, we can come up with principles in the hypothetical that we would all agree to. ii. Maximin – equality is justified if they benefit society. 1. If we have a surplus of benefits, we should use that to equal out the less fortunate to bring them up to a higher standard of living. 2) What are the differences between ancient and modern thinkers on the understanding of human nature and on the relation between individuals and society? a. Ancient – Focused on society as a whole, and those philosophers could only gain a higher sense of thought. Didn’t really ask why things were the way they were. They were more speculative and didn’t really think scientifically. How can we understand nature. b. Modern – More individualized and that everyone has the ability to gain knowledge. You start with what is absolutely certain and building thoughts upon that. Man is the master over nature and how can we use it. 3) What is Sandel’s criticism of liberalism? How does he define liberalism? Why does he think it offers an impoverished understanding of the individual and society?
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