Class Notes - International Politics begins with two main...

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International Politics begins with two main theories. 1. Realist Theory : Great powers do what they want and weak powers suffer what they must. a. Ancien Roots: a.i. India: Kautilya “The Science of Mistake” – If you are a leader of the state you need to amass the power to survive. a.i.1. Power = Military Strength a.ii. b. Major Influences: b.i. Niccolo Machiavelli “The Prince” (1532) b.i.1. Written to suggest to the leader of the state that power is influential. b.i.2. Act on the Expediency – what will get you power? b.ii. Cardinal Richlieu “The Thirty Year’s War” b.ii.1. Power Politics – considered first modern day version of Prime Minister. b.ii.2. French statesman for Louis XIII (Catholic nation). b.ii.3. Thirty Year’s War : Political/Religious war in central Europe: Catholics vs. Protestants. b.ii.3.a. b.ii.3.b. French get pulled in & Richlieu sides with other protestant nations vs. b.ii.3.b.i. Prevent other Catholic states from rivaling France. b.ii.3.b.ii. National interest put first. b.ii.4. Thomas Hobbs “The Leviathan” (1651) b.ii.4.a. Life is war of all against all. c. Principles: c.i. Politics governed by human behavior will always have conflict. c.i.1. Control the escalation of potential conflicts. c.ii. Self-help is necessary in int’l politics. c.ii.1. Security Dilemma: Absolute security for one nation will cause insecurity for another. c.iii. National Interests above all. Interest is power. c.iii.1. Int’l organizations cannot be trusted. c.iv. Power : The ability to force another to do something they would not otherwise do. Power is relative!!! c.iv.1. Hard Power : Military & economic strengths (tangibles that can be seen or measured). c.iv.2.
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Class Notes - International Politics begins with two main...

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