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US - Canada Trade E.C.

US - Canada Trade E.C. - “North American” product that...

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Hing Potter Gregory Raymond POLSC 231 23 Feb. 2011 In response to the session highlighting Canada Week at Boise State, the topic of trade and commerce between the two neighboring countries really is a big deal. It is more of a bigger deal than I imagined it to be. During the address, the opening speaker, Canadian Consulate to Seattle, stressed the need to continue linking these two highly functional economies for continued growth and stimulation for the citizens of both nations. It was noted that not just finished products are exported and imported to each country via the other, but that the manufacturing process along the way is a vital part of that trade relations. For example, in the supply chain integration plan, the Canadian Consulate stressed the idea of not just having a product from one country but rather a
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Unformatted text preview: “North American” product that both countries can be proud to produce together and sell together. Similarly, the Consulate illustrated how Boeing contracts through the Canadian aerospace company, Bombardier, for certain parts, and how Bombardier contracts through US based General Electric. These connects are an integral part of supply chain integration. Some facts thrown out include 1/3 of Canadian imports come from the US and how Canada is the US’ largest export trading partner. Also, Canada is the number one supplier of all energy forms including oil to the US. As well, Canada provides 85% of natural gas to the US and is the number one electricity exporter to the US. To sum up, the trade relations between Canada and the US are vital not just to both economies, but vital to the people who depend on one another for support....
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