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Final Cheat Sheet - Potter Hing MENA Final Cheat Sheet...

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Potter, Hing – MENA Final Cheat Sheet Baath Party : (Ba’ath) = "resurrection" or "renaissance” – est. 1940 in Damascus, Syria (Michel Aflaq & Salah al-Bitar); secularist party with strong socialist and Arab Nationalist interests (exclude Syria & Iraq): banned in Iraq in 2008 (dominated by Sunni). Intifada : Literal translation = “shaking of,” often translated in English to “uprising”, “resistance” or “rebellion.” (e.i. Palestine- Israel 87-93, 00-05) Marjane Satrapi : (1969) Iranian-born French graphic novelist; Persepolis (books and movie) Cold War : US/USSR conflict just short of overt military hostilities; turned to 3 rd world countries for potential alliances partners. Ayatollah Khamenei : President of Iran (1981-89) Current Supreme Leader of Iran (1989- ); key figure in Islamic Revolution; anti-Western & and pan-Islamic; 2008 Presidential Elections; reserves the right to “correct” any decisions. Arab League : est. 3/22/45 in Cairo, Egypt (Egypt, Iraq, Transjordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon & Syria); officially League of Arab States; Currently 22 members (approx. 360m people); full membership to the State of Palestine; Arab Peace Initiative of
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  • Spring '11
  • NaderNazemi
  • Arab Peace Initiative, rd world countries, Arab Nationalist interests, MENA Final Cheat, overt military hostilities

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