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Hing Potter – Group Presentation Review Group 5 Group Participants: Carly Evans, Nicole Impala, Matt Trout, Matt Gwin, Mitchell Waham Individual Assesments Carly Evans: 4 Carly did a great job of being one of our group leaders. She even took on the responsibility of putting all our slides together and help to facilitate group meetings. She also had good communication throughout the project. Nicole Impala: 3 Nicole did a good job of being available when she could get out of work. She met with us to see Nazemi and she also help to distribute the workload. Matt Gwin: 4 Showed up for every meeting and was always asking questions, which was a good thing. He also was good at be resourceful when other people had questions during meetings. Mitchell Waham: 2 He never showed up to any meetings, and never corresponded with the group through alternative ways of communication. However, Carly did say that he turned in his slides for our
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Unformatted text preview: presentation, so that is good. But, as group, it helps to be in communication so that we can make sure that we are all on the same page. Matt Trout: 4 Asked a lot of questions, which was also good. He showed up to all but one meeting due to another class, so I can’t dock off for that. Was also helpful in be able to answer questions when someone had one. Group Assessment: 3.5 Overall the group was decently well put. It’s hard not being able to communicate with some people and communicating a lot with others. But we did send emails and text messages out to everyone, which allowed people to see the progression of the group project. But we did complete the work that was assigned, in my opinion. Now, it’s just a matter of how much context it has....
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