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Unformatted text preview: Fall 2010 Politics of the Middle East and North Africa Midterm Exam Instructions The midterm exam will be held on Tuesday November 2. This exam will cover material up to week 5. You will have the entire class time for this exercise. This is a closed book exam. However, to assist you in this exam you may bring to class one page with relevant information such as dates, names and key terms. Here you may not include complete sentences, paragraphs or essays! I will collect these notes at the start of the exam, and redistribute them to you as you start the exercise. Please bring blue books for the exam! These can be purchased for a nominal fee at the bookstore. The exam will be comprised of two parts: Part I (30% of exam, 6% for each term) Assessment Goals: Knowledge and Comprehension. Here, I will identify seven terms. You will define and explain the significance of five. I would suggest a solid paragraph for each. Note that you are engaging in two activities here. In terms of significance, try to relate the paragraph for each....
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