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Iran vs. the United States By Hing Potter POLSC 205: Middle East and North African Political Science Iran, your gateway to the rich culture of the Persian history and lifestyle. With thousands of years buried deep in its roots, Iran has consistently managed to encompass itself within the world community. Today, the political environment around Iran has become critical to some, while others have welcomed Iran to the world stage. Iran’s relations with western powers have been strenuous. Today, these relations linger in a fragile state as western nations maintain their differences towards Iran, while at the same time working to keep diplomacy channels open in the hopes of consensual resolutions for all involved. More specifically, the United States has taken a hard opposition to Iran in recent decades that has amounted to an intense diplomatic state between the two nations. Over modern times, conflicts revolving around Iran’s nuclear program, US military presence in the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestine conflict have highlighted some of the tumultuous tasks set before the two nations to quarry over. Iran’s nuclear program dates back to 1957 when Iran and the United States signed a civil-nuclear cooperation agreement as part of the US program Atoms for Peace. Throughout the following two decades, the two states worked closely to develop Iran’s nuclear program up until the 1979 Iranian Revolution (“Chronology of Iran’s Nuclear Programme, 1957-2007.” . Oct. 16th, 2010. < _2007>). Since then, Iran as consistently explained their intentions to use nuclear energy for power rather than use their oil, which they would rather export for profits. However, with present leadership in Iran increasing the focus on their nuclear program, a heightened sense of alarm has come from the United States, and its allies. Just recently as October 18th, 2010, the US reaffirmed their commitment, along with Israel, to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons (“Iran’s Nuclear Program Poses a Major Risk to Mideast Stability”. Oct. 18th, 2010. < defense/iran-s-nuclear-program-poses-a-major-risk-to-mideast-stability-1.319957>).
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The Israel-Palestinian conflict, is also a major conflict putting pressure on US - Iranian relations. Since the beginning of the Israeli-Palestine conflict, the US kept itself a major mediator in the peace talks
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Iranvs.theUnitedStatesEssay1 - Iran vs. the United States...

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