10.05.2010 MENA Notes

10.05.2010 MENA Notes - MENA - 10.5.2010 .Continuation of...

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MENA - 10.5.2010 ...Continuation of Stereotypes from 09.30.2010 1. Quote from Rashid Khalidi in Resurrecting Empire : note the use of the word “vacuum.” a. Data will show that generally speaking in comparison to other developed societies, the US tends to do not so well in terms of knowledge of geography and history. b. The US is a superpower; people in country “x” (a developing 3rd world country) have stereotypes of the US, however they are not as influential because country “x” does not have as much power or influence in the world. 2. a. Islam is not inherently hostile to other faiths. b. Islam considers Jews and Christians to be “People of the Book.” c. Share in common: i. Monotheism ii. Abrahamic traditions iii. Prophets iv. Sacred texts 3. a. Not all middle easterners are Arabs (Arabs constitute the largest ethnic group) i. Includes Turks, Persians, Kurds, Balluchis, Turkomen, etc. ii. Arab = someone who speaks Arabic in their everyday language. iii. Persians = someone who speaks Persian 1. Grammatically different than Arabic, speaking Persian doesn’t mean you can speak or understand Arabic. b.
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10.05.2010 MENA Notes - MENA - 10.5.2010 .Continuation of...

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