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Unformatted text preview: Report Writing for Business Studies ' Goldstein, write me a report. And don't put in any of that hokey tokey!!' - ASB Bank TV advertisement Reports are a standard management communication tool, without which it would be impossible for an organization to function effectively. Reports are also often required as course work in undergraduate papers, particularly in business. The following steps outline the process of business report writing and offer some useful tips along the way. Setting the objective A few minutes of sound structured thinking can save you hours of unproductive work. A clear objective in the form of a single sentence, which expresses exactly what you intend the report to achieve, will keep your mind focused and a touchstone against which you can measure your research. Think of your intended recipients when setting the objective; a report on the launch of a new product written for the Marketing Director would have a very different focus from that written for the Financial Controller. Ask yourself why the report is required, and what the recipients need to know about the proposal. Your objective should be specific and utterly clear in its emphasis. And having need to know about the proposal....
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This note was uploaded on 10/16/2011 for the course COMMUNICAT 278 taught by Professor Casper during the Spring '11 term at Boise State.

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Report_Writing_for_Business_Studies - Report Writing for...

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