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MGT 103 Lecture 100611

MGT 103 Lecture 100611 - MGT1 15:15...

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MGT 103 10/06/11 15:15 Homework review: types of marketing Buzz Viral Word-of-mouth Buzz – popularity created by word-of-mouth, publicity, excitement (+/-), more unique,  ignition, high expectations, event Viral – encourages thru social networking, e-mail, internet, as many as quick as  possible, danger that product gets “lost” Word-of-mouth – based on the idea that people listen to opinions of others, put yourself  on the line, make or break, more credibility, movies, services Buzz/viral create by companies Word-of-mouth created by consumers/customers Consumer Buying Process Problem recognition Decision making Information search Research about the decision Alternative evaluation Are there other alternatives to that decision? Purchase decision
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Buy something after considering alternatives Postpurchase behavior Happy or not? Info Search Internal search What you want External search Searching online for reviews, asking friends, checking out friends’ item
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