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Study Guide Exam 1

Study Guide Exam 1 - LTKO 1A Bi-Weekly Exam1 Study Guide...

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LTKO 1A 임난희 Bi-Weekly Exam1 Study Guide 2011년 10월 7일 1 Format(100 pts) I. Readings (44pts) 1. Study readings from textbook & Reading Activity. 2. Study readings from Extra Reading ’s. - Ariring restaurant - Yuna’s Allowance Keeping book – Vocabulary - Various Nations II. Vocabulary (8pts) Match the SKN and NKN. III. Listening (48pts) Write the expression you hear in Korean and their meanings in English. 1. 늦어서 죄송합니다. 2. 다 같이 따라 하세요. 3. 한국말로 하세요. 4. 대답해 보세요. 5. 읽어보세요.
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