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Innovation to Market (A) – MGT121A Fall 2011 Quarter Self-Evaluation Your name: _________________________________________ If you were Professor Foit, how many points out of 60 would you assign yourself for class and team participation? (NOTE: Your response should reflect the following: 1. How often you attended class 2. How well were you prepared each time 3. How actively and constructively you contributed to the class discussion 4. Team participation – Were you available for meetings? Were you cooperative in making group decisions? Originality
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Unformatted text preview: & Creativity: Did you play a leadership role in one or more areas of the Executive Summary? Did you make contributions in crafting the Executive Summary? General Contribution: Did you complete your “fair share” of this work? This includes analysis, any required trips to the library or meetings, preparation of the final report or presentation materials, etc. Number of points: __________ Optional: Please describe any extenuating circumstances that I should take into account in determining your final performance evaluation (a.k.a. Grade)...
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