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Syllabus_121A_FA11Finalv4-EDIT SG(1)

Syllabus_121A_FA11Finalv4-EDIT SG(1) - MGT 121A Innovation...

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MGT 121A: Innovation to Market (A) Undergraduate Course, Fall 2011 PROFESSOR: Delbert F. Foit, Jr. EMAIL: [email protected] PHONE: (858) 534-3738 OFFICE LOCATION: Otterson Hall, 3S117 OFFICE HOURS: Monday, 10:00AM to Noon or by appointment TEACHING ASSISTANT: Joseph Dodson Classroom: Otterson Hall 1S113 Note: This syllabus may be updated and revised at a later date. COURSE DESCRIPTION Innovation to Market A is the first course of a two course sequence that provides the student the competencies needed to identify and transform both technical and non-technical innovation into viable ventures that capture profitable market opportunities. The course will provide students an introduction to the strategic and operational issues of developing an innovation into a competitive and sustainable business. This is a team-based project course in which students apply management principles, technology strategies, market opportunity assessment and validation strategies, financing strategies, in the development of value propositions, business models and business concepts of a potential new business or organization. Project teams will be comprised of 5 to 7 students. Students will learn how to perceive needs and to propose unique products or services in a business concept that could satisfy those unmet needs. They will also learn about market segmentation and positioning, as well as market research techniques to test their ideas in a real world context and to identify potential customers, suppliers and partners. From this they will learn the definition of a business model and how it can represent the key operational design decisions that an organization makes to properly address a market opportunity in a profitable and distinctive manner. Through industry examples and case discussions, the participants will learn the nuances of the different types of business models and the opportunities and challenges of refining and evolving business models as more information becomes available. They will then demonstrate this learning through written and oral presentations of their research findings and selected business model. The course will utilize lectures, case studies, a project assignment, student oral presentations and guest speakers from industry. This quarter-length course is designed for upper division undergraduate students. COURSE OBJECTIVES 1. To provide you the necessary quantitative and qualitative tools to ascertain whether a good idea is truly a good, real world and valuable market opportunity. 2. To provide you the frameworks and methods to conduct market and product research relevant to their innovative idea. MGT 121A: Innovation to Market (A) Delbert F. Foit, Jr. Page 1
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3. To provide you the frameworks and methods to evaluate and synthesize the market and product research data to determine if an idea is a viable market opportunity. 4.
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Syllabus_121A_FA11Finalv4-EDIT SG(1) - MGT 121A Innovation...

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