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MGT 134: Federal Individual Income Taxation Undergrad, Fall 2011 PROFESSOR: Robert Houskeeper, CPA EMAIL: [email protected] PHONE: (760) 632-2650 OFFICE LOCATION: Otterson Hall, 3S119 OFFICE HOURS: TTH 11:45 AM TO 12:30 PM TEACHING ASSISTANTS: Note: This syllabus may be updated and revised at a later date. OBJECTIVES The goals of this course are to provide the students with an understanding of (1) federal constitutional and statutory authority, (2) income tax base and rate structures, and (3) utilization of research and compliance functions in the application of federal tax laws. MATERIALS Required ASSIGNMENTS Reading and homework assignments follow the course outline (by chapter). Graded homework must be submitted by the start of class on the subsequent Tuesday (no exceptions). GRADING POINTS DISTRIBUTION A 95 - 100 Points C 74 - 76 A- 90 - 94 C- 70 - 73 B+ 87 - 89 D+ 67 - 69 B 84 - 86 D 64 - 66 B- 80 - 83 D- 60 - 63 C+ 77 - 79 F 0 - 59 Assignments Points [or percentage] Homework 20% Exam I 40% Exam II 40% Total 100
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ATTENDANCE The course material necessitates each student’s proactive involvement. In addition to reading the text, problem solving in the classroom is essential to comprehension of the subject matter. SCHEDULE
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IndividualtaxSyllabusFall2011 - MGT 134: Federal Individual...

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