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practical 1 review ZOO lab

practical 1 review ZOO lab - Review for Lab Practical I...

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Review for Lab Practical I: Scientific Method: Know how to develop a good hypothesis, how to design an experiment to test the hypothesis (only one variable, multiple samples, control group), and how to graph the data and analyze it by mode, mean, and median. Food Analysis and Energy requirement: Understand the importance of positive and negative controls. Be able to recognize a negative and positive result for Benedict’s, Biuret, starch, and lipid test. Know why Benedict’s and Biuet reagents are used to test food samples. Microscope: Know the parts of the microscope, what each part does, how to determine the total magnification, and how to correct problems (lighting, focus, etc) sometimes experienced when using the microscope. Cells: Osmosis. Know the direction water moves in a hypertonic and hypotonic solution. Organization of the Human Body: Be able to identify epithelial tissues, connective tissue, muscle tissue, and nervous tissue from microscope slides and know where each is located within the body.
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