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PART IV: POLITICAL THINKING AS IMAGINATION A. The Political Imagination 1. Political Satire and Parody Aristophanes- father of comedy. Famous for being one of the greatest critiques of Socrates Jonathan Swift- Wrote, “A Modest Proposal” (The Onion) 2. Political Art- poking fun at strong political figures or showing things at how people were feeling with things going on in politics 3. Political Music- taking a stance against a political situation, etc. (lefties article) 4. Political Fiction a) Fiction as commentary 1/on big questions- different types of political systems; what works what doesn’t ex. Focuses on big questions going on in society and politics now. (Barn Burning) 2/on political life- is it appropriate to serve a tyrant? How you live your life under the political government (The Weapon Shop) 3/on political issues- Ex. Thank you for Smoking (how serious of a political issue smoking is and what we should do about it) b) Thrillers and what-ifs- Political thrillers (a lot of them are caught in the cold war) dramatic point in politics (Nazis) c) Shakespeare—great political dramatist About political drama-great political figures-political power & responsibility were big themes in his plays.
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Political Thinking as Imagination Part IV B. Imagination as Political Allegories and Fables 1. What is allegory and why is it useful? *Definition: a representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material forms; the figurative treatment of one subject under the guise of another Ex. Animal Farm (animals represtent different people) *Plato’s Allegory of the Cave (Def: Prisoners of the cave escape the cave (philosophers) & they have to see the true world and nature of reality; (duty is to bring the truth to
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