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Persuasive Letter draft

Persuasive Letter draft - E Center’s parking lot The...

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Bao Dang 341 North 300 East · Provo, UT 84606 · (801) 636 – 4402 · [email protected] February 19, 2011 Mr. John Miller Guest Relations Manager The E Center 3200 S. Decker Lake Drive West Valley City, UT 84119 Dear Mr. Miller: Subject: Claim for “Summertime Slam” Concert I often visit the E center for musical performances. Recently, I bought two $75 tickets to the “Summertime Slam” concert featuring Wounded Buffalo and Pygmy Circus. Prior to the concert day, I still saw newspaper advertisements publicizing the Wounded Buffalo/Pygmy Circus performance. However, when I arrived for the concert, neither the Wounded Buffalos nor the Pygmy Circus appeared. Instead, three no-name bands filled in. After the concert started, I stayed through two acts and hoped that the talent could improve. However, I was disappointed that the concert was mediocre. When I left early from the concert, I saw a small poster describing a “change in the talent” at The
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Unformatted text preview: E Center’s parking lot. The poster wasn’t there when I arrived. The E Center is well-known for its credibility and high quality music performances. Such a change should be announced earlier in newspaper advertisements. I understand that you had a hard time to manage the change in talent and its consequence. However, I want to receive my refund of $150 back by one of these two options: (a) full refund of $150 in check sent to my address at 341 North 300 East, Provo, Utah 84606 or (b) two tickets that have the value of $150 for the next concert featuring Lady Olala next month at the E Center. Even after such an unfortunate situation, the E Center is still my favorite theater. I hope to visit your center for new and creative performance soon. Sincerely, Bao Dang...
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