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Bussiness article briefing topic

Bussiness article briefing topic - franchise for fast food...

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Bao N. Dang 341 N 300 E (801) 636-4402 Provo, UT 84606 [email protected] TO: Leslie A. Kawai, Instructor FROM: Bao N. Dang, M Com 320 Student DATE: January 29, 2011 SUBJECT: Business Article Briefing Topic Topic. Franchising in fast food industry. Organization. International Dairy Queen, Inc. Audience . Franchisees who are interested in DQ Grill & Chill, a new concept for new and renovated full- service restaurants. Interest. After graduating from BYU, I see me opening fast-food restaurants through franchising. Most people in my family work in food industry. I learned about independent restaurants from my uncles when I worked as a manager in their restaurants. Two years ago, I had an opportunity to learn about fast food industry when I helped my cousin open his first DQ restaurant. After helping him open and operate that restaurant, I was convinced that buying
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Unformatted text preview: franchise for fast food restaurants is better than opening independent restaurants. The restaurant is based on the new concept of DQ Grill & Chill. I like this new concept better than the older concept DQ Brazier. The new concept offers an expanded menu including breakfast, grill burgers, grilled sandwiches. It also offers limited table service even though customers still place orders at the counter. In addition, Grill & Chill stores are larger than Brazier stores. As a manager, I saw that customers prefer Grill & Chill to Brazier because they can have full service at one place. From my experience, I would recommend people to buy franchise instead of opening independent restaurants. I would also recommend them to open DQ Grill & Chill instead of DQ Brazier....
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