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business article final - Expanding business operations in...

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Expanding business operations in Asia Bao Dang McDonald’s Even with the downturn of the global economy, Asia-Pacific market still contributes significantly to 10.2 percent increase in sale of McDonald’s. 1 Understanding the value of Asian-Pacific market, McDonald’s is expanding its operation in this high-growth area. Just in China, the company aims to operate 2,000 restaurants in by 2013. 2 This article will assist the company’s board of directors in developing an effective plan to expand the company’s operation in Asia market. The article offers an overview of Asian fast-food market including (a) potential business opportunities, (b) market forecast, (c) business difficulty, (d) business solutions. Potentials Business Opportunities Of the 25 best restaurant food markets in the world, eight are in Asia. 3 The proliferation of fast-food restaurant in Asia is due to several economic and demographic trends: (1) universal cultural trends 4 (2) increased disposable income 4 (3) improved international transportation and communication 4 (4) improving educational levels 4 (5) rising standards of living 4 (6) increasing number of women in the workforce 4 (7) small families with two or more incomes 4 (8) shorter work weeks 4 (9) younger generations willing to try out new products 4 (10) concentrated populations in urban areas 4 Market Forecast Asian market attracts investor with high forecast in the future (Figure 1) with increase in both market volume and value . Market Volume
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business article final - Expanding business operations in...

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