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business article draft - Building a Successful Fast-food...

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Building a Successful Fast-food Chain in Asia Bao Dang Dairy Queen Inc. As Asian economy is growing up in the last decade, McDonald’s consider Asian countries as a potential market for its operation in the future. Even during the recession, the Asian/Pacific market still contributed significantly to 10.2 percent increase in sale of McDonald’s in 2009 5 . In 2011, McDonald’s will open between 175 and 200 new restaurant across China. In addition, McDonald’s will operate 2,000 restaurants in China by 2013 4 . This article will offer an overview of Asian fast-food market including (a) potential opportunities of business, (b) difficulty in gaining the market share, (c) potential solutions to build successful fast-food chains in Asia Potentials Opportunities Southeast Asia's strength is an encouraging sign that the region is still a player. Though it may have been half-forgotten by many investors since the crisis, its educated workers, natural resources, and--in some countries, at least--first-class infrastructure make it worth paying attention to. ASEAN has a total population of 560 million, and its combined gross domestic product of $1.3 trillion is greater than India's. Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Singapore--which account for about 95% of the region's economy-- attracted nearly $50 billion in foreign direct investment last year, vs. China's $92 billion. Asian market attracts investor with high forecast in the future (Figure 1) with increase in both market volume and value. Market Volume.
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business article draft - Building a Successful Fast-food...

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