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Assignment 1 Memo Education for Life

Assignment 1 Memo Education for Life - will help me to do...

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Bao N. Dang 341 N 300 E (801) 636-4402 Provo, UT 84606 [email protected] TO: M Com 320 Students FROM: Bao N. Dang DATE: January 18, 2011 SUBJECT: Education for Real Life I want to share with you the lessons that I have learned from the uplifting article Education for Real Life by Elder Eyring. After reading and pondering about the messages from this article, I realize that being a student at BYU is a privilege for me to learn and to become a better person. I am blessed to have this mortal life to learn necessary experiences to gain eternal life. The Lord wants me to learn and to serve him. Through learning, I can improve my capacity to serve God and people around me. Classes at BYU are designed to help me gain both secular knowledge and spiritual knowledge. My spiritual learning will guide my secular learning in the right path because at BYU, I’m building a foundation not only for my career but also for my future family and for my eternal life. If I keep my spiritual learning and serving God on top of my priority list, I know that the Lord
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Unformatted text preview: will help me to do well with my classes and fulfill my church assignments. Even though my schedule is busy, I believe that all of my activities will be organized if I keep Christ and his teaching at the center of my life. This semester, my goal is to draw nearer to God. I want to learn more about the Savior and his atonement. Even though I am busy with my school, work, and internship; I will study the scriptures daily to receive his guidance. Each morning, I will wake up earlier to study the scriptures for fifteen minutes before going to school. I have been praying lately for help with my new calling as an Executive Secretary of my ward. Even though this calling requires many hours of work, I know that the Lord will help and bless me as I try to magnify my calling. I’m happy to share my testimony with you, and I challenge you to use the privilege of being students at BYU to learn and serve our Lord....
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