minipaper - Bao Dang Overcome Addictions Even though humans...

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Bao Dang Overcome Addictions Even though humans are very much like other animals with similar brain structure, biochemical urges, and learning habit, they can overcome the “natural man” because of their ability of self-control and resisting temptations through the process of learning, and experiencing during daily lives. Human brain and animal brain have similarities, but also differences, especially in the frontal cortex. They both have similar structures of hindbrain, structure under the cortex, and cortex. However, the cortex, especially the frontal cortex of human is different from animal. Human cortex surface, which is full of wrinkles, is the “real indicator of human abilities and intelligence” (Ciccarelli & White, 2010, p. 58). Compared to those of lower animals such as apes, human frontal cortex, especially the prefrontal part, is bigger and more complicated to be responsible for high mental functions such as complex decision making, planning, emotional control, personality, memory storage, language (Ciccarelli & White, 2010, p. 60). The frontal lobes of human brain are intricately connected to different regions of the limbic system; as a result, emotions are tied to motivations to drive behaviors (Hardcastle, 2003). This connection of emotions and motivations may not allow humans to overcome their behaviors. Addictive substances such as ethanol and stimulants such as caffeine commandeer the brain circuits which are the pleasure centers, tied to personal motivation. The same effect could be made by things that predict personal rewards, like eating good food or playing game. These
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minipaper - Bao Dang Overcome Addictions Even though humans...

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