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Context: Schizophrenia is a brain disorder with predominantly genetic risk factors, and previous research has identified heritable cortical and subcortical reductions in local brain volume. To our knowledge, cortical thickness, a measure of particular interest in schizophrenia, has not previously been evaluated in terms of its heritability in relationship to risk for schizophrenia. Objective: To quantify the distribution and heritability of cortical thickness changes in schizophrenia. Design: We analyzed a large sample of normal controls, affected patients, and unaffected siblings using a surface-based approach. Cortical thickness was compared between diagnosis groups on a surface wide node-by-node basis. Heritability related to disease risk was assessed in regions derived from an automated cortical parcellation algorithm by calculating the Risch λ. Setting: Research hospital. Participants: One hundred ninety-six normal controls, 115 affected patients with schizophrenia, and 192 unaffected siblings. Main Outcome Measure:
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