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11/2 Most important thing to maintain addiction – negative reinforcement – remove unpleasant thing Not withdrawal because the body will adjust to normal after few days without drug Other types of illness: - take medicine to get rid of them – negative feelings or side effects - Headache - Fever - Flu - Tiredness Without drug cannot feel like a normal person (idea for paper2) : how can I get through life with that bad feelings or without drugs. What is the role of reinforcement: smell of cigarette craving relapse but reinforcement is the reason that addicts keep using drugs Cocaine abusers have hypoactive (low activity) frontal cortex brain activity change brain Some people become addicted after using drugs and others do not? One system affected by all drug : dopamine system.
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Unformatted text preview: Monkey mother – reared: mother stop addictions Evidence suggest that alcoholism is chronic -> explanation : interaction gene and environment Opioid - mu receptor gene Dopamine reuptake , DRD4, others GABA genes ALDH2 gene responsible for alcohol- induced flushing – Asians flushing – low risk of alcoholism if every time u drink -> get sick How does this relate to agency If u start with a different gene or environment u are at a decreased or increased advantage or disadvantage from the start Or chief cook in restaurant fast everyday Veterans came back from Vietnam Ether say that if u become humble weak things can become strong thing – looking at ourselves and admit out weakness, avoiding situation from environment that can lead to faults....
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