paper2 - BAO DANG Effect of Addiction on Agency In life...

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BAO DANG Effect of Addiction on Agency In life, each person has to make his own choice and be responsible for his own action. People’s successes or failures are the result of their choices, or of how they use their agencies. A person’s agency is constrained by addictions and habits through the process of reinforcement , which is connected with emotions and feelings, and is depending on the interaction of his own genes and environment. Human agency is driven by the mechanism of reward and aversion relief through feelings and emotions. The frontal lobes of human brain are intricately connected to different regions of the limbic system; as a result, both positive and negative emotions and feelings such as sickness, illness or pleasure are tied to motivations to drive behaviors, or agency (Hardcastle, 2003). Facial expressions, body movements and actions are the outcome of how a person feels (Ciccarelli & White, 2010). Pleasure brought by personal reward like eating food, playing game or by addictive substances, and caffeine commandeer the brain circuits which are the pleasure centers, tied to personal motivation. These alterations in brain chemistry promote the formation of deeply ingrained and highly emotional memories. Therefore, things that predict personal reward play a role in positive reinforcements to create predictable behaviors. Human agency also is driven by negative feelings. A study shows that animal with infection will have behavioral changes such as anorexia, reduced grooming, reduced contact to overcome infection (Cohn, & de Sá-Rocha, 2009). Similarly, a person may take action, including drug using, to get rid or avoid unpleasant
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paper2 - BAO DANG Effect of Addiction on Agency In life...

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