Relapse prevention in long

Relapse prevention in long - Relapse prevention in...

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Relapse prevention in long-term management Both behavioural and chemical addictions are easy enough to stop for a while. The real test is maintaining control for years until it becomes second nature. Clients have to identify triggers, high-risk environments and feelings, learn to resist these, carry out 'fire-drill' to nip slips (set-backs) in the bud, and to nuture new social bonds and activities to replace destructive ones. As control is acquired clients carefully enter progressively more difficult (tempting) situations in order to strengthen control. Heroin addicts are required to cultivate new friendships to replace former ones with drug users. 9473669 meaning-making relationships we have with the world, with our past and with those around us First, our attention might be drawn to aspects of the akratic action at the expense of the more ‘rational’ behaviour. The rich visual yumminess of the pie might shut out or damp down the more removed and abstract thought that each slice contains over 1500 calories. Second, habits of thought and behaviour might prevent one from weighing fully each possible alternative. If we generally eat two helpings of dessert each night, then we might again, even if tonight the dessert already is twice as much as it normally is. Third, social pressures of
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Relapse prevention in long - Relapse prevention in...

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