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stress - 5-HIAA low in people who attempted suicide again...

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Environmental stressors Catastrophe - - unpredictable large-scale event Extreme adaption, adjustment, feelings of threat Acute stress disorder – anxiety, nightmares, poor sleep, relieving event, concentration problems Post-traumatic stress disorder – permanent change in our life – 30 days or over Inherited small hippocampus may place individual at risk for PTSD PTDS: only minority -> family history, anxiety ->Intense psychological ->Stressor Elizabeth Smart : kidnapped for 9 months promise for herself that she will survive PTDS – likely to be the result of genetic factors and severe short-term stressor Suicide in America – 1980- 96 double rate 2004 – third leading cause of death for adolescents Rates increase with age Men are more successful in suicide than women.
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Unformatted text preview: 5-HIAA low in people who attempted suicide again than who did it one or never did Stress and personality Type a personality – ambitious, time conscious, hard working, often hostile -> high risk to heart disease Type b – more relax Hostility – type a – high level of noradrenaline cause over arousal, impulsive, hot-blooded acts of violence Family history heart disease and high anger -> heart rate chance IQ for each additional IQ point -> decrease mortality risk by 1% Intelligence testing – Alfred Binet and Theofore Simon First intelligence test (1904-1911) Lewis Terman – American version of binet- simon test WW1, William Otis developed it for the army. IQ = mental age/ chronological age * 100...
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