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Review for Book of Mormon 121 Final- Brother Parker How to prepare for the “BIG TEST”: live righteously, attend church, study the scriptures, and pray. How to prepare for this Book of Mormon final: know the answers to these questions. All page numbers refer to the Packet. On the final exam, the first 50 questions (up through 37a on this study guide) are a review from the Title page through Mosiah 10. The next 50 questions (38-77 on this study guide) cover the new material since Exam 2. (Mosiah 11-Alma 29). 1. What did Moroni list as the purposes of the Book of Mormon on the Title Page? (p. 10) To show the remnant of the House of Isareal what great things the Lord hath done for their fathers That they might know the covenants of the Lord To convince the Jew and Gentile that Jesus is the Christ 2. What differences were there in the testimonies of the 3 and the 8 witnesses? (Page following the Introduction in the Book of Mormon) 3 witnesses have seen the plates-> hear God’s voice , an angel came down from heaven -> spiritual 8 witnesses -> JS show the plates, they did handle them-> physical 3. Describe the situation in Jerusalem around 600 B.C. What country controlled Judah? What is the chronology (order of events) of the Assyrian captivity of the 10 tribes and the Babylonian captivity of Jerusalem relative to Lehi and Mulek and their departures? Who was king? Who had appointed him? (Time line on p.17) 2200 BC Jaredites left the tower 721 10 northern tribes -> captive to Assyria 612 – 609 -> Babylon overtook much of Assyria 608- 605 Egypt control Judah (southern Israel) 605 Babylon defeated Egypt controlled Judah. Nebuchadnezzar (king Babylon) appointed Zedekiah as king of Judah 600 BC Lehi went to America 587 BC Zedekiah rebelled against Babylon -> destroyed Jerusalem Mulek (King Zedekiah’s son) went to America 4. Who were the three major groups that came to America? When did each come? (Time line, p.17) 5. What did the partaking of the Fruit represent in Lehi’s dream? (p. 34) Partaking the fruit -> partake of Jesus’ atonement through repentance (ap 2)
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6. What was contained on the brass plates? (1 Nephi 5:10-14) What period of time did they cover? (p.29 – Appendix p. 4 - chart) (from Adam down to which Old Testament prophet and which old Testament King?) (I Nephi 1: 4) Brass plates (p31): 5 books of Moses Record of the Jews from Adam to Zedekiah Prophecies from Adam to Zedekiah Prophecy of Jeremiah 4000 BC to 600 BC Geneology of Lehi’s father , also Laban’s Great worth to preserve the commandments of the Lord King Zedekiah 7. Know facts about the plates. (pp. 41-44) Which were started first and when? What was on each set? Which did Mormon abridge? How do the small plates fit into the record? What was Nephi’s intent in keeping the small plates? (1 Nephi 6:3) What is the Book of Ether? What was in the lost 116 pages? What time period did that cover? What actual plates did Joseph have? (Charts, Appendix pp. 3, 4) Which were called “these” and
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SG Rel121FINAL STUDY GUIDE 10_1 - Review for Book of Mormon...

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