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Birthday Story of Private John G. Burnett The story is written by John G. Burnett, a private soldier of the American Army, who witnessed the removal of Cherokee Indians in the year of 1838. John wrote the story at the age of eighty to describe the awful trail, and show the truth that is concealed from the young people of future generations. He wrote that the doom of Cherokees began with the covetousness of white people when an Indian boy living on Ward creek sold a gold nugget to a white trader; the fever of gold was the first reason of the removal. He described Cherokees were arrested and dragged from their homes into six hundred and forty- five wagons like cattle or sheep. Helpless people
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Unformatted text preview: had to sleep in the wagon and on the ground without fire in the freezing temperatures during the winter time when they faced sleet and snow storm, after November the 17 th . They died because of pneumonia and were buried in shallow graves by the roadside. Survivors were treated brutally by teamsters. When he wrote this story in 1890, he said that young people of his time cannot fully understand the crime against Cherokees because the truth was concealed from them; those young people didn’t know that they were living on lands that were taken from Native American. However, he knew that future generations will read and condemn the act....
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