magnetic fields 1 - Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) Magnetic...

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1 1 Magnetic Fields I Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) This lecture: HRW 3.8, 28.1-28.6 For next time: HRW 28.7-28.10 2 What You Have Learned and Will Learn in Phys 212 Electric charges create electric fields Electric fields lead to forces on electric charges Moving electric charges create magnetic fields Magnetic fields lead to forces on moving electric charges Electric and magnetic fields store energy Changing electric fields create magnetic fields magnetic fields create electric fields } Light The Magnetic Field: units, field lines Magnetic Fields and Electric Charges Math review: the vector product Today 3 Fundamental Forces Incomplete knowledge QED QCD GR The standard model of physics Challenge 4 Electromagnetism is the underlying force behind most observable phenomena Electricity: lightning, electronics, your nervous system, … Magnetism: electric motors, MRI, … Radiation: light, x-rays, radio-waves, … Chemistry (and Biochemistry): chemical bonds, reactions, … Solids… Electromagnetism Maxwell’s Equations: Four “laws” about electricity and magnetism r r enc 0 dA= Q ε E Gauss’ Law r r dA B = 0 No magnetic monopoles φ + r r B ds = - E 0 t d φ •+ r r 00 E 0 B ds με μ t I = F a r a d a y’ s L a w A m p e r e’ s L a w (with Maxwell’s correction)
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2 5 Magnetism History: evidence of magnets (iron ore) ~2500 years ago in Magnesia (Turkey) and in China
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magnetic fields 1 - Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) Magnetic...

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