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Art after WWII-US

Art after WWII-US - Abstract expressionism action painting...

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Abstract expressionism- action painting Pollock- Autumn Rhythm 1950 Rothko- Green and Maroon 1953 Dekooning- Woman I 1952 Pollock Lavender Mist: black, blue, white drip painting: - action - organized chaos record of deliberate experience - no evidence of instrument - Colors and textures must be deliberate -- “technique is a means of arriving at a statement” Statement—ou tward expression with directed meaning speaks about his paintings as if they exist on their own dynamic interaction between him and painting not accidental, but i mprovised (like jazz) does not use a lot of language, he paints. Speaks monotonously responding to a need, painting from unconscious creating a new vocabulary with drips audience makes meaning by looking at process (Boat in Memsha Pond 1934 Much different, more directed) Disjunction btw 1934 and 1950 INFLUENCES - Albert Pinkam Ryder Jonah -- only art which Pollock says he likes -- Shapes -- organic forms -- high CONTRAST -- land, sky, water= equation that world has a place - Thomas Hart Benton o Sower 1939 Intense high contrast Pollock claimed to work against Benton Pollock: individuality - surrealism: 1930’s, 1940’s o artists left Europe as situation worsened and they were all centered in New York and worked together --object is to let art transform itself. CHANGE Mason Pasiphae Pollock She- Wolf (in his first exhibition) collective unconscious -- approach mythology -- self contained marks -- gray covers over surface Ryder, Benton, surrealist, and Mexican muralists s as influence - AND…Mexican muralists (time of Depression) -- Orozco: Gods of Modern World -- Sisquieros: Portrait of Bourgeois
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- Both are flat compositions - lots of drama - violent and flat - Picasso Guernica 1937 - Gottlieb Nostalgia for Atlantis 1944 o Pictograph: pieces of language means of civilizing humanity!! o Hunt for new beginnings as world is experiencing horrible things in moment -- Autumn Rhythm : muted, methodical choice of colors even distribution of paint.
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Art after WWII-US - Abstract expressionism action painting...

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