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Art and the Ordinary 2ND GENERATION:: FORMATIVE ART EXPERIENCE OCCURS AFTER THE WAR Yves Klein -Pari -Focus on 3 colors: blue, pink, and gold (colors of flame) -Patented a color, international klein blue -Importance of void -Dies of heart attack at 34 Anthropometry 1960 -Anthropometry series beginning in 1958 -Blue imprints of female nudes covered in paint -Nudes brushed themselves with paint and then rolled around on a canvas -Instructed the models where to go -Orchestra played while the models lay on the canvases Into the Void 1960 -Photograph of Klein "jumping into a void" Zone of Immateriality 1962 -Photograph of a man throwing gold into a body of water -The art is actually the act of throwing away gold -What is art? Mono Blue 1958 -Canvas completely covered in blue -Part of an exhibition of canvases and sculptures covered in the same shade of blue using different techniques Fontana Concetto Spaziale 1960 -4 vertical tears (slices) in a white canvas -Point is to open up the space, forces viewer to look at the wall -Look through art, at life Piero Manzoni Achrome 1958 -Series -Wrinkled canvas (in middle like ripples) in frame covered in light blue -Textural, focus on manipulation of the surface Achrome 1959 -White -More wrinkled (not just concentrated in middle) Achrome 1961 -Curled up pieces of material in black canvas line 1959 -11.6 meters long line kept in a black and orange canister Magic Base 1961 -Just a base, someone can stand on and be art? *Merda d'Artista 1961
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-Artists poop inside of a can and sold for its weight in gold, for what its worth at the moment Michelangelo Pistoletto -Mirror-paintings -Bring art into the edges of life -Ordinary materials Nude Woman Telephoning 1965 -Depends on the viewer to create it -Painted onto mirror -Nude using the telephone w/onlookers -Your experience changes the work Vietnam 1965 -Image of anti/ pro(?)-war march on mirror -Viewer inserted into painting Lunch Painting -2 chairs and a table between them carved into a wooden box -Allowed to interact with the sculpture City of Art Installation 2005 -Steel outline of walls with topics of conversation hanging from the tops Merz Marlo Igloo with Tree 60’s Clouds - natural world - viewer engulfed by composition - living in igloos, clouds shifting as clouds do Giovani Anselmo Untitled 68, 69 - kinetic aspect, potential energy - leather and lead twisted: contortion -- man made and industrial - tied rock with thin string holding it -- natural yet cut like a square -- combination of two worlds -- really simple flexus - differs from Gutai - what is produced through culture - showed off ability to make, create, enjoy art in front of audience - George Maciunas Closing 1964 - exhibition closed until end of exhibit: art is irrelevant - anti-exhibition - about socializing and networking. Not art - door with caution tape across Be Clean 1964- Mano Ha- Hi Red- Japanese - dressed up in lab coats and went to financial district in Tokyo
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Art&Ordinary - Art and the Ordinary 2ND GENERATION...

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