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Unformatted text preview: Epilogue Rebecca Ney- Rauschenberg’s words and art are directly affected by his location in NYC- Rauschenberg is reacting to the AbEx movement created in NYC by the artists who had all moved and congregated there from a slightly earlier generation- Rauschenberg had his niche: o his relationship with Cy Twombly and then Jasper Johns, both effected and were present in his work and his public persona o These relationships also directly effected his work, and in what context it was understood and perceived- Rauschenberg was part of the earlier Neo-Dada and therefore was working more clearly with the tools from that time o Paint, glaze, canvas- Berman’s location and surroundings of L.A. is part of his work o Berman is completely part of the beat movement o Berman had a group of beatniks who worked with him in his collection of Semina pieces, and they too were part of his life and legacy through his drug experimentation, etc....
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