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guide quiz2 - Jasper Johns - subject matter does not have...

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Jasper Johns - subject matter does not have to be in picture, changing focus of eye - Was in art school on GI bill - Controls his work as donating it in groups as curating own show Flag 1955 - dreamed that he painted flag, so painted one - flat - respond to formalist argument - flag or picture of flag? Green Target 1955 White Flag 1955 - sign painter - abstractions, chooses things mind already knows. - Can see all marks Drawer 1957 - creating, building Target with Plaster Casts 1955 - things, subjects - cast of body parts - said he just had a bunch of casts around - deferring answers about subject - reevaluate figure - target on homosexuality Numbers in Color 1958 Jubilee 1959 False Start 1959 - tools available to artist - same marks appear in both. Mark become a mark - there is an alphabet – separating words from meanings - ends before bottom: draws attention to canvas underneath Painting with Two Balls 1960 - in relationship to objects - three panels and stretcher separated by two balls wedged in with stencil saying “painting” that forms negative space - took everything in studio and put it together - joke Painted Bronze 1960 - ale cans painted bronze on slate - switches over to reception - readymade idea that reflects Duchamp (French dada artist) – designate something as art Robert Rauschenberg - born in Texas - changes name after leaves navy “bob” o desire for anonymity and connect to the ordinary o neutrality - Struggling to figure out how to make painting… grid! - Sets up meaning, then says there isn’t any - Black mountain college meets Kline, Albers, etc. White Painting 1951 - three panel canvas - personal experience of simplicity Erased De Kooning 1953 - concern for objectness - it was a dekooning drawing that he actually liked - taking things away, void. - No vital gesture - Challenge: erase drawing that don’t actually know - Oedipal complex between first generation and second o Kill fathers of dekooning’s generation. Obliteration. - Combines
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Cy at the Spanish Steps 1952 - photograph of descending - romantic affair, their relationship…begins in ‘51 o different demographic of homosexual artists. Canyon 1959 - objects have high associative potential in combine o eagle in center, tied pillow hanging from bottom o story can be created, logic behind construction and creation at glance - Solomon: no secret message! No deeper meaning Bed 1955 - turns to look at world around him as source for making art - lifts bed up, and paints it: become object - working with real world Monogram 1955-59 - pulling elements together - ram is 3-d on base - ideas with art : combine - newspaper clippings Retroactive1 1964 - Kennedy, space flight direction - Very American - Message vs. not having one Factum I/II 1957 - grids are how industrial world organizes itself - reproduces illusion of accidental - his own unique mark - critique of early generation in terms of mark - two identical things, structural variations, living together: homosexual paintings? -
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guide quiz2 - Jasper Johns - subject matter does not have...

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