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Men and Animals, 1952 - oil on burlap inspired by poverty and ruins of post war Genesis primitive, cave-like scratchings. Cement connotes cave like wall. After atom bomb everyone wants to go back to origin of the earth Gray background that encompasses the four figures in a cell, and a surrounding black background Wooden frame (nature), in which canvas is set inside of it, not touching the frame. Self contained within natural medium. More of a display case with glass over it. Four figures: one human and three animals Human has one distinct hand - Bright yellow human head in upper left corner, higher than the other animals, - - - almost looking down on them - Mostly composed of primary colors - Outlines in black with clear eyes, nose, legs, stomach, hair o doesn’t lose sight of figure Animals looking out toward right side of painting - have legs, eyes, head, body, but more - two smaller, pod- like animals - more design within larger animal than in that of human wit circles, lines, and
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