pop art - New York POP ART cultivating subject matter...

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New York POP ART cultivating subject matter consciously carve out niche Warhol - started as graphic designer - gets to top of advertising world - too much thought involved - fine art able to avoid process Ferus Installation 1962 - In LA - Displayed his Cambell’s Soup - Stylistic and formal choices o Soup 1968 silk screen - had this for lunch everyday - biographical route Marilyn 1962 - parable: what does fame do to people? - Mass produced - Serial presentation of object - Infiltration of this object into domestic spaces Marilyn Diptych 1962 - fame causes individual to deteriorate Gold Marilyn - gold leaf in religious icons Coca- Cola Bottles 1962 - form, content and image - drink it everyday - everyone has same quality - democratizer Ferus 1963 (Warhol became famous in 62) - Elvis Presley reproduced - Second show - Silk screened elvis…where were frames? Ethel Scull 26 Times 1963 - by this time, has factory and community of people paying attention to him - creating atmosphere: famous and stardom - community of real superstars, is able to create his own - “perversely beautiful, violently groomed, desiring unimpending movement in every direction” - puts her in and out of photo booths in times square o showed up with bags of quarters o circles which ones he wants, and sends them to silk screeners o and assistants screen images on canvas with appropriate colors o machine production o really personal portrait o at Met or Whitney Mustard Race Riot 1963 - monochrome o juxtaposition in dialogue - white noise - sublime - compelling and attractive quality of violence - moment to look away from work, yet still work – bracket - $$$ - Saturday Disaster - images of disasters - from fame to anonymity o ordinary people dying - imposing
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- tragedy, ecstacy and doom - ambition expressed Most Wanted Men 1964 - very public venue in new york - goes into FBI - presents in grid form, organized - Robert Moses says criminals cannot be shown as face of NYC o Taken down o And then covers it over with aluminum paint
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pop art - New York POP ART cultivating subject matter...

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