quiz2 - Jasper Johns- NEO DADA/assemblage - anti-modernist...

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Jasper Johns- NEO DADA/assemblage - anti-modernist model of Duchamp - avoid political alignments - sexual identity - ’55: “outing” and “closeting” and “social targeting” o just has a bunch of casts around, defers subject matter - 54-55: encaustic skin, “all-over” integrity, and subject matter, o newspaper base o dreamed about flag surrealism o yet of course was charged during Cold War - 58: numbers- read horizontally, vertically, etc. o freed himself as was not like AbEx with arbitrary subjectivity - 60: readymades like Duchamp (French DADA artist) o mass-produced back into art - 1950’s America obsessed with exposure and concealment and post-war consumer boom Robert Rauschenberg- NEO DADA/assemblage - Duchampian dandyism - born in Texas - changes name to bob after leaves the Navy - sets up meaning, says there isn’t any - Black Mountain College (kline, albers) - Dadaist/Duchampian and AbEx - 51: passive receptors rather than prescribing meaning o succeeded dialectically by black ones o fabric, crumpled newspaper with gloss o all-overness like Newman and Rothko - 55: looks at world around him as source o bed becomes object - 53: taking things away with erasing - 64: America had been a dizzying expansion in consumerism and mass media o image culture to vernacular glance o message vs. not having one - Solomon: “No secret message!!! No deeper meaning”
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quiz2 - Jasper Johns- NEO DADA/assemblage - anti-modernist...

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