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HAACKE ** PROCESS ART Grass Grows 1969 Condensation Cube 1963 Shapolsky et al Manhattan Real-Estate Holdings 1971, real time social system - process is grass growing - sustaining, presenting, exhibiting - people water it, performance - transforming growing grass into ideas of art - institutions that support it- university gallery - temperature inside and outside is different - atmosphere of room affects aesthetic of object - contemplate it, not the museum or the culture - networks coming together in space that creates culture - creates a grid that has the property holdings- documents o minimalist, Warhol grid - awareness of system - Guggenheim censored this work: not art. - Presenting information rather than expressions, feelings SMITHSON ** PROCESS ART/ LAND ART - social commentary - artist and writer - dump truck full of asphat, dumped over a ravine - social ramifications: interested in entropy, chaos, loss of order and control - he found a wood shed on at Ken State, and he covers it with earth until it breaks o initial one of applying materials with its weight to break structure o and then it had to be left there…process of building falling apart o introduce entropy, with hope that entropy does take place o not still there—system does not like entropy - societies change, and objects change yet cannot see that when it is fully torn down or fully built - Jersey, liked it because of its industrial waste - Looking at damaged landscapes - difficulty of maintaining: nature, sculpture, culture, art, history---order into dialectical relationship - experience: becomes earth art - impermanent earthworks blighted by industrial sites - cyclical interactions of order and disorder - partial wreckage of society - continues to Great Salt Lake with wasteland - location never physically accessible to pedestrians - talks about how everything spins - water becomes solid, land becomes liquid: dialectical - salt crystals grow - as work lives, it changes shape - same with levels of water, evaporation, etc. - presence and absense with non- sites - process was annexed to entropy DEMARIA- LAND ART - lightning fields - with 400 stainless steel polls - coaxed these forces into completing his work - an enactment of fantasies that Smithson resisted - thought was as much an artistic material as any other
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BUREN ** CONCEPTUAL ART French artist institutional critique: - invention is a problem: art schools should not be about creating new thing - gets rid of all novelty o all typical signs of artistic creativity - paints stripes on placards and marched around NYC - works with three other artists who also stop inventing marks- not unique mark - immediately taken down- hanging across central pit of Guggenheim as competing with museum itself to make work ‘visible’ (HAACKE works also cancelled) - eye is redirected to space of realists - prioritization of idea over process - art can take place anywhere - says it is art- what is the frame: culture, museum, gallery, and then city o advertising - based on the width of the brush
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quiz4 - HAACKE * PROCESS ART Grass Grows 1969 Condensation...

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