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Reconsidering ab

Reconsidering ab - [email protected] Reconsidering...

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[email protected] Reconsidering Abstract Expressionism Rauschenberg, jaspers, and stella: clearing things away Ab.ex: about self. looking for ways to move away from this Helen Frankenthaler- Arrives in New York, meets Greenberg, and introduces her to circle of Ab. Ex. Mountains and Sea 1952- continued traditions of previous generation - washes, almost like watercolor - picture that responds to material: natural - turns to oil paint with unprimed canvas so soaks in: direct relationship - indecisive contour o extrapolating from Pollock - place, and formalists were not pushing for Kaprow- wrote essay on legacy of Jackson Pollock: created a ritual and environment Yard 1961- with tires - in contained space - can be walking into Pollock if jumped into tires Robert Rauschenberg- born in Texas, in the navy, changes name after leaves army desire for anonymity and connect to the ordinary. Struggling to figure out how to make painting… grid! Named himself bob- choosing neutrality - text: writes coherent text with intrusions of irrelevant words. Sets up structure and violates it. Sets up meaning, then says there isn’t any.
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