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Paradise is considered to be beyond reach First canto: - Gloria is first word meaning delight of god, god moves all things - Unmoved mover - Shining is reflection of light off object in universe - Reflection is reception and casting off to rest of world the light that you as a person has - Hierarchy…order that is sequential in respect of degree of perfection - Seeks beloved laurel: recognition for his accomplishment as a poet - He becomes very personal - Invokes not only pagan god Apollo but also trinity - Line 36: begins with paradise proper - Order of universe is god as a reflection and an imprint of his stamp: image of reality and image of reflection - Each of the three realms is a mirror structurally of the order - This one is closest to god, and seeks to merge with god more than any other sphere - He naturally ascends towards god - He lays out structure and pattern Ten heavens - defines celestial spheres allegorically - no idea of equality in paradise among people; Thomas Aquinas
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Unformatted text preview: -more light is better, more light means more knowledge and more worth-hard time recognizing as he becomes more perfected Third Canto-portraying salvationeveryone is one/same/equal-the poem attempts to reflect coherence of world and image of god-moon (for the nuns) deficiency of faith. ..anti-paradiso-mercury: those who do good deeds for fame, summed up by Justinian- deficiency of hopemovement of empire from beginning to end-venus: lovers- harlot Rahab- deficiency of chairty-faith, hope, and charity- three theological virtues-connection between neutrals in Inferno, and the excommunicate/late repentant in Purgatory/and the constant nuns of Paradise organization-he has a question, then Beatrice or shade answers it-centers around a paradox-just revenge that deserves just punishment: line 25-christs death was just-how souls are presented...
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