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Art and Science why did science not continue after a certain period? 750 AD science flourished under Abbasid caliphs of Baghdad - relied on and incorporated previous civilizations: greeks, sassanids, egytian - relevant for their religion: knowing exact direction of prayer - military need to invent gadgets, weaponry, tools Arabic became language of science until 16 th c. Science developed between 8 th and 16 th c.= golden age age where Muslims were dominating world- second definition traditionalist view: Islam was great container and transferred it to west revisionist view: driving force between advancement in middle age and foundation of modern science, especially in field of engineering and experimentation
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Unformatted text preview: public libraries, hospitals, mental hospitals: major institutional developments came to an end because of -conflict between sunni and shia -and the knowledge fell to Europe and crusades-ascendancy of Ashariyya against rationalism/reason and so was dropped o religion and orthodoxy ascended- reigned for 8 centuries and so cant last forever art and architecture art means representation of reality—more theological as opposed to geographical ban on representation of living figures i.e. animals, humans monuments in architecture mostly mosques and shrines Dome of the Rock: rock where Muhammad ascended to heaven Minarets Calligraphy Geometrical calculations show gods perfection...
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